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Digital curriculum based programs for resilience, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) & Employee Mental Care

YOGI MIND: Curriculum Based Mental Health & Resilience Program

Yogi Mind is a CBT based curriculum program was designed to ensure long term behavioral change which can be developed through the use of scientifically developed curriculum and content, 1-1 coaching and group workshops. 

Yogi Mind’s program addresses the core i.e. ‘Long term Behavioral Change’ which is missing in the current EAP or wellness programs. 


Boost Your Organization’s Performance

Employee Mental Care programs

Long term behavioral change based mental care program comprising of assessment tests, curriculum based learning, 1-1 counselling sessions. Mental health program which actually delivers

Employee Resilience Program

Workplace and proprietary cognitive behavioral training based programs designed to address the key areas of resilience and delivering lasting behavioral change

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Wellness

Programs designed to offer a much deeper level or service and benefit than current EAP and wellness programs. Programs which deliver a measurable higher ROI

Customised programs (POSH, Ombudsman, Maternity)

Programs designed for Prevention of sexual harassment (POSH), Ombudsman (whistle blower), lifestyle management for shift employees, Healthy maternity program

YOGI MIND's "3 Pillar" approach towards Mental health and resilience

1. Proprietary Cognitive behavior based curriculum 

Yogi Mind’s platform is used by more than a 1000 companies across the World. Some of the key aspects of the platform are :

  • Curriculum is aimed at addressing chronic illnesses which add upto 80% of the cost for the companies. 
  • Broken down into 7 key programs which are self guided
  • Self guided video based session given by trained experts and supported by assignments, assessments and reading material 
  • Higher engagement through reminders, notifications, calendar sync, emails and continuous assessment 
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere on any device and HIPAA compliant
  • Detailed reporting and dashboards 

2. One -One coaching sessions with psychologist/health coaches 

Yogi Mind programs come with One- One sessions with qualified experts in personality type, mental health and are well experienced to provide counselling sessions. 

The coaches can view employee’s progress on the curriculum courses and advice steps basis progress on the curriculum. Sessions can be on Video, call or In-person and are offered by experiences practitioners


3. Group workshops for resilience

Yogi Mind’s group workshops and sessions for resilience building, stress management, are conducted by industry experts & counsellors. Group workshops and sessions help build a feeling of community and engagement. These group workshops also help customise programs to organisations need and focus.

Curated workshops and sessions for managers and employees on how to cope with and win over mental health issues, build resilience 

YOGI MIND delivers results and higher ROI for organisations


Higher engagement than other providers







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